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Easy Home Projects For A Rainy Sunday

I have to admit – I LOVE a rainy Sunday! Sunny Sunday days are filled with walks with the dog, a lazy cup of coffee on the porch, a little gardening or a fun field trip. But rainy Sundays offer the perfect opportunity to work on some long overdue indoor projects (and catch up on Netflix of course)! You don’t need a lot of time or a complicated tools to make a big difference in your home.

I don’t know about you but I love a tidy kitchen. Plus, getting rid of clutter is a simple way to make any space feel bigger. Spend thirty minutes each Sunday putting away the dishes, getting rid of expired food in the fridge or cupboards and giving the counters a good wipe. Organize the cleaning supplies under the sink by using a simple tension rod to gain more storage space. If you’re always looking for a measuring cup or spoon paint a chalkboard inside a cabinet and hang them for easy access.

Organize the cabinet under the sink with a simple tension rod to hang bottles and create extra storage space.
Paint a chalkboard inside a kitchen cabinet then hang measuring spoons and cups for easy access.

Hang a few hooks in the entry way to keep your family organized! Attach a few hooks to a simple pine board and secure to the wall. Use it to hang keys, jackets or bags so they’re not cluttering up the rest of the house. TIP: For a rustic plank of wood stop by the shop and pick up a wooden palette. We always have some we’re happy to give away on the side of the building. For a more polished look pick one up at the hardware store, sand smooth, prime then paint in your favourite colour.

A simple board with hooks is a great way to keep the entry of your home organized.

Whenever my husband goes away I always go on a closet cleaning spree. During the work week it’s easy to throw those t-shirts and socks into a drawer but after a while they’re a jumbled mess and I can never find what I’m looking for. I love this clever folding hack from Marie Konto – the Japanese tidying up guru. Instead of stacking your clothes on top of each other, organize them in rows so they are easy to see!

Instead of stacking your clothing in drawers stand it up in rows so everything is easy to see.

If you’re feeling brave tackle the linen closet! If you have a hard time finding a matching set of sheets try this simple hack. Take a set of pillow cases, sheets and duvet cover then pack them into one pillow case like this. Not only do they look pretty on the shelf you’ll never loose a pillow case again.

Place linens inside a matching pillow case so you're never looking for a matching set.

Speaking of laundry, don’t forget that the washing machine needs a periodical cleaning too! Once a month I take thirty minutes to clean the detergent tray, washing machine door and the rubber seal around the drum. It’s amazing how much grime can build up which can lead to mold and funky smell. TIP: Instead of fabric softener I put a little white vinegar into the wash. It keeps towels and sheets from smelling musty and doesn’t clog up the machine. And no, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar. It rinses out completely.

Clean the washing machine once a month to keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh.

If you have some paint from a recent home project, a rainy Sunday is a great way to use up the leftovers for DIY. Take plain terra cotta pots and give them a funky new look or paint. They will instantly upgrade your window sill.

Use leftover house paint to paint plain terra cotta pots for a fun new look.

What’s your favourite way to spend a rainy Sunday? Leave me a comment below!

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