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4 Really Cozy Fake Fireplace Ideas

Confession: I love January. Cooler weather means I can finally dust off all those sweaters and morning walks with the dog are a lot more comfortable. In the evenings I love curling up on the living room couch with a cozy blanket.

Years ago we made the decision to close in our fireplace. It leaked when it rained too hard and strong winds howled inside the house dropping bits of dirt all over the floor. But just because we can no longer light a fire doesn’t mean we no longer use it. On these long evenings I love watching the flicker of candles inside the fireplace and the hearth is always decorated for the holidays.

If you have a fireplace no longer in use (or even if you don’t even HAVE a fireplace) doesn’t mean you can’t get that cozy feeling at home. Below are some of my favourite ways to fake it! For resources click on each of the photos.

  1. FILL IT WITH CANDLES: Give your room a beautiful light with candles in your (fake or real) fireplace. It’s much easier to manage than a real fire and if you use LED candles you can even set a timer so they come on and turn off on a schedule. Vary sizes and shapes for visual interest. You can even add a large lantern or two. TIP: The more the merrier. This design has the most impact when you FILL the fireplace with candles.

2. USE IT FOR SEASONAL DECOR: A fireplace is the perfect spot to get festive around the holidays. Real or fake, deck it out for Christmas, Halloween, even Valentines day!

3. QUIRKY DECOR: Since it’s fake you can decorate it with pretty much anything. Check out these creative ideas below.

4. CREATE A FOCAL POINT: Balance a room with a beautiful faux fireplace by recycling an old mantle or building a simple one to fit the dimensions of your space. It will create a focal point in the room and fill the empty space on a large wall.

Which one of these is your favourite? Have you tried one of these at home? Leave me a comment below!

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