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Benjamin Moore Decorator's White OC-149

Benjamin Moore Decorator's White is a very popular shade for woodwork and trim. But here's a secret. It's actually not very white at all but a very light gray! For context here it is on the left next to a plain white neutral base paint we use for tinting. Notice the slight gray undertone?

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Decorator's White is a slightly cool gray better suited to clean modern spaces. With an LRV (Light Reflective Value which indicates how light or dark a paint color on a scale of 1 being the darkest and 100 the lightest) of 82.68 it is a barely there shade of white perfect for walls or woodwork in almost any room.

In south facing rooms with a lot of natural light, the coolness of Decorator's White will not be as strong and it will balance into a lovely clean shade. In north facing rooms, the cool tones of Decorator's White will be more prominant leaning towards a cool toned blue/gray.

If you are goign to be using Decorator's White on walls I would suggest keeping it simple and using the same shade on woodwork, trim, and ceilings BUT vary the sheen for visual interest. For example, use Decorator's White in a flat finish on walls and ceilings but a in a satin finish on woodwork, trim, doors or kitchen cabinets. If you want to see a subtle contrast between walls and work try pairing Decorator's White walls with a slightly lighter shade, Benjamin Moore Super White, on woodwork, trim, or cabinets.

What other colors work well with Decorator's White? If you use this shade on woodwork or trim, pair with walls in other cool tones like icy blues, cool grays, or moody violets. For metals in fixtures and hardware, try satin or matte black

For woodwork, Decorator's White looks stunning against dark woods like walnut.

Looking for a white that is warmer with a creamy undertone better suited for traditional or farmhouse spaces? Try Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117.

Want to see if Decorator's White will work in your space? The best way to find the right color for you home is to try a sample before making a commitment. Remember that lighting has a huge effect on how we see color. TIP: To get the best sense of the color paint a LARGE swatch in your space OR pick up a peel and stick sample from Samplize. It's made with two coats of real paint for accuracy and won't damage the walls

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