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5 Fun Ways To Use Chalkboard Paint

Normally I would not encourage people (big or little) to write on the walls.  It’s usually a parental nightmare – finding that your little artist has “decorated” the walls of the living room with markers while you were making dinner.   That’s why I love chalkboard paint – it gives kids (big or little) the change to be creative plus it’s an easy way to keep the family organized.

The most obvious place for a chalkboard is on the wall.  Use it to write down the family schedule or make a grocery list.  Sure, fridges these days can email you when you’re running low on milk but it’s much more fun to turn your walls into a giant note pad.  Remember chalk paint works best on smooth walls so it might be tough to get perfectly straight lines if your walls are rougher – but it won’t be any less fun!  Below are some of my favourite picks.  Don’t forget to get creative with the colour – chalkboard don’t have to be black.

If you’re afraid to commit to painting the walls (especially if you’re renting) make your own hanging chalkboard from a piece of plywood in a simple frame.  You can also search through your favourite thrift store or a friend’s garage (ask permission!) and recycle an old picture frame or cabinet door.  For small spaces try painting a chalkboard on a clipboard.

Why should your walls have all the fun?  Use chalkboard paint on the inside of cabinet doors to help you in the kitchen or to freshen up plain closet doors that have seen better days.

I love the idea of recycling and let’s face it – who wants to spend a fortune on a four year old’s craft table?  Take an old piece of furniture, paint the top with chalkboard paint and let your kids get creative!  If the adults want to have a little fun too, use chalkboard paint to create a table perfect for game night.

Everything (even the humble laundry detergent) looks fancy in a nice container.   Remind yourself what’s in all those fancy jars by taping out your own chalkboard label.  It’s also perfect for that window sill herb garden!

Before you practice that fancy handwriting here are a couple of chalkboard painting tips (since nobody reads the back of the can).  First, the smoother the surface the cleaner your chalkboard lines will be.  Stone walls are okay but the imperfections will cause your chalk to skip a bit so the writing won’t be PERFECT.  Second, chalkboard paint is waterbased so it smells, paints, dries and cleans up just like the wall paint you’re used to.  HOWEVER even thought the chalkboard paint will be dry in a few hours it will not CURE for three days.  That means leave it alone for at least 72 hours to harden up.  Finally, before you start getting creative, season the chalkboard by turning your chalk sideways (the long way), covering the entire surface of the chalkboard and wiping clean.  This step leaves a fine dusting of chalk on the chalkboard surface so that the first thing you write won’t be etched in your surface forever.

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