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Teal-Appeal! Moody Ocean Inspired Walls

We recently had a couple of house guests.  I love when people come to visit because their enthusiasm for our beautiful island reminds me how fortunate we are to live here.  For most of their stay, the weather did not cooperate but we still managed to show them the sights and even take them on a quick boat ride.

Being surrounded by water, we are lucky enough to enjoy some of the most stunning ocean views and even though the colours in our paint deck don’t even come close to those in nature they always inspire me – especially the rich teals of deeper water.

A mixture between navy blue and emerald green, teal is one of my favourite moody shades.  It’s perfect for the creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.  Use it on just one wall as an accent or all over to create a soothing space perfect for unwinding.  Pair it with warm metals like gold or brass and with light woods like pine, maple or oak.  If you love sleep as much as I do, check out my top bedroom picks from our Pinterest boards below .  Click on the image for sources and don’t forget to Pin YOUR favourite for later.

While it’s true that darker colours will make a small space feel even smaller, sometimes using a dark colour like teal in a bathroom can create a stunning effect.   To keep it from feeling too heavy, pair teal with white tile, light floors and warm woods like in the beautiful rooms below.

Teal goes great with bright colours like orange and coral. Use it on an accent wall in the entry to make a stylish first impression.

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  When you have to take work home, make sure there’s a  space where you can stay organized.  Use a dark teal as a background colour to create a nook where you can be productive and focused while you work.  Pair with dark woods for a masculine space or with cheerful pops of colour like sunny yellow to brighten up any corner.

Living rooms were made for relaxing.  Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening curled up on this couch?  Teal walls give this space a cozy feel while a light rug and curtains keep it from feeling to closed in.

It’s not only great for the walls! Get creative with your colour scheme and use teal on the ceiling and keep the walls white.  I love the fun light fixture and black window frames in this funky room.

It’s not only great for the walls.  Use teal on cabinet or accent furniture to give your kitchen colour.  Below are two beautiful ideas!

What are some of my favourite Benjamin Moore teal paint colours?  Check out my picks below.

Need a little help picking the right paint color for your space? See how my virtual color consulting service can help. Click here to learn more.

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