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Should I Paint An Accent Wall

In the last month a few customers asked me what I think about accent walls. For a while, they were very trendy and people where painting them in EVERY room – especially in bold colours like red and orange. What DO I think about accent walls? Keep reading for ideas and suggestions.

First of all, I would never recommend following a design trend just because it’s … well … trendy. An accent wall can be a great way to highlight an architectural feature or favourite decor item, add a pop of colour to a neutral colour scheme or define a space in an open plan.

The logical place for an accent wall is in the bedroom. The bed is a natural focal point and you can have a lot of fun complimenting your linens with a fun paint colour. Also, since accent walls can often make a room feel smaller, it can make the bedroom feel cozy – perfect for relaxing after a long day. Below are some of my favourite designs – if you love them as much as I do click on the images to be redirected to the source.

It’s no secret I love grey so this bedroom look is definitely at the top of my list. To keep it from feeling gloomy add cheerful accents like a headboard with a bold colour/pattern, a large plant and plenty of white.

Navy is another great choice for a bedroom accent wall. It’s comfortable like that favourite pair of jeans and goes with just about anything. Balance this masculine shade with blush tones and soft textures like blankets and rugs.

Living on an island I love a moody teal! This accent wall is a beautiful combination of blue and green – just like the ocean. Teal is a great backdrop for light wood furniture and pairs perfectly with gold accents.

Of course sometimes you want to accent wall to make a statement. Coral is wonderful choice – a mixture of pink and orange that fun, funky and beautifully compliments tones of cream and gold.

Other than the bedroom where else can you effectively use an accent wall? The end of the hallway is another great place where you can use a stronger paint colour to draw the eye. It’s the perfect background for a gallery wall or a piece of furniture.

At our house, shoes come off at the door. We’re very fortunate to have a small room that serves as the perfect entry way but you can create one even in an open space by using colour. Keep your family organized with a console table, a bench and some hooks for jackets and keys.

In the beginning of the post I mentioned that accent walls are a great way to divide an open floor plan into zones. This is the perfect example – check out that yellow door!

An accent wall doesn’t have to be bold to be effective. This pretty pink shades creates a fun background for a bar cart!

An accent wall can also be created by adding pattern or texture instead of just colour. These high contrast stripes separate a work space from the rest of the room. TIP: You CAN get super crisp tape lines even on stone walls. Ask us how!

If you want to incorporate a bit of rustic into your home try an accent wall with palette wood. Each piece is unique or can be stained/painted to match your decor.

Inspired to paint an accent wall in your home? Here are a few tips. Remember that darker paint colour don’t cover as well as lighter ones. Use a higher quality paint to get better coverage in less coats. It will cost a bit more but you’ll use less paint and finish your project faster. Also, remember that it will be harder to cover up that accent wall – especially important if you’re renting a space and will have to paint it back to neutral before you move out.

Now that I’ve shown you some great ways to use accent walls, when should you NOT paint one? I would avoid accent wall in small rooms – it can make them feel even smaller. Also, don’t paint an accent wall if you don’t want to bring attention to a specific area or design element or if your walls are less than perfect.

Need a little help picking the right paint color for your space? See how my virtual color consulting service can help. Click here to learn more.

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