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Nooks & Crannies – Making The Most Of Small Spaces

About sixty years ago our house started out as a small two bedroom / one bathroom cottage.  Over the years various owners made alterations to suit their lifestyles and we too have made several upgrades of our own (hello laundry room!).  However, the basic footprint has remained the same.  After all, taking down concrete walls is a lot more work than removing drywall.

These days, open plans are very trendy and we’re all dreamy about large airy rooms with tall ceilings.  But often the reality is that we’re forced to make-do with small rooms,  weird angles and tiny closets.  Sure, you can spend (hundreds of) thousands of dollars and months of construction to get those Pinterest worthy spaces or you can make some small adjustments and make the most of your current space.

Need some inspiration?  I’m a very visual person so below are some of my favourite ideas to make the most of those nooks and crannies and maximize your space. To learn more about any of the designs, click on the image to be redirected and don’t forget to Pin your favourites for later.

Stairs are very important (obviously) but we don’t often think of them as a design feature.  Make the most of the (not scary) space under stairs to carve out extra storage (who doesn’t need more of that!) or a quiet, out-of-the way work space to stay organized and productive.

Not all of us are willing to sacrifice closet space but if you need more room you can transform a closet into a home office, craft room, or if the plumbing is easy to relocate – a laundry!

At our house shoes come off at the door.  It helps to keep us organized and our floors/carpents clean.  Looking at some of the photos that pop up on my Pinterest boards, I often have major mudroom envy but not all of us have the extra space to dedicate to all those cubbies, hooks and cabinets.  You can still create a drop zone for your family with some clever wall space planning and a few simple pieces of furniture.  To carve our a more defined space try a bold accent wall – I’m loving that black!

Who couldn’t use more space in the kitchen?! Build shelving around doorways to show off your dishware.  Make better use of counter space and use magnets and hooks to hang knives, pots and pans.

Large master suites are mostly a modern concept.  Decades ago, the most common size was 12 ‘ x 12 ‘ and you had to make the most of a limited space.  Get creative with furniture that does double-duty like a nightstand/vanity.  Use built-ins or bookcases around the bed not only to show off your stuff but also for extra storage.  TIP: Use a rich colour in the background to make them stand out!

One of the best ways to make a small space feel bigger is to keep it tidy.  Our bathrooms often overflow with cosmetics, brushes, towels, toilet paper, etc.  Get organized with pretty bins and open shelves!

How do you make the most of your small space?  Leave me a comment below!

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