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Making The Most Of Working From Home

Because of the recent circumstances a lot of us are working from home. Instead of leaving the house every morning, most of us are grabbing a cup of coffee and logging on to our computers. Even though it sounds pretty perfect (hello pj’s and your favourite playlist) the reality is that working from home can be distracting and unproductive. But don’t worry – below I’ve put together a few easy tips to make your new routine a breeze!

First GET OUT OF YOUR PJ’S! It sounds cozy and comfy but you’ll be tempted to lounge around and binge watch Netflix. You don’t have to put on the power suit complete with high heels but take a shower, comb your hair and put on real clothes. You will feel more energized and ready for work.

Have a routine. Just like going to work, start at a certain hour, have a planned time for breaks or lunch and end at a specific time. Sure, things will pop up. Hey – life happens. A lot of you are working from home while watching your children. The dog may need to go for a walk. But sticking to a schedule will let you focus on bigger more complicated tasks.

Create a dedicated work space. Yes, I have been guilty of working from the dining room table or the couch. It’s fine for a day or two but if you’re working from home for longer stretches of time, set up a home office. You will need a space to keep your work organized and you family will appreciate not having papers strewn all over the house.

Make your work space pretty! Light a candle and get a pretty notepad. They might not make you EXCITED about working but those pretty little details will make the work day more bearable. And let’s face it – every little bit helps.

Looking for inspiration? Below are some of my favourite home office ideas!

Pretty string lights make any space feel festive! Use them to frame your workspace for a cheerful glow.

This workspace is pretty fancy but you can DIY a similar version with two filing cabinets and a sturdy top. Give them a new look with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. TIP: We are LOVING the soft colour combination of grey/green and muddy pink. So calming!

This home office proves you can fit a workspace pretty much anywhere!

If you’re the creative type use chalkboard paint on the walls! Jot down notes, keep track of your schedule or doodle through your writer’s block.

Got any tips on staying productive when working from home? Leave me a commend below!

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