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Gallery Wall Tips & Inspiration

It might only be the beginning of December but I already know what my New Year’s Resolution is going to be. 2019 will be the year we put some art on the walls and pictures in our frames. It’s been almost eleven years since we’ve been in our house but (this is super embarrassing) none of our picture frames have any photos except for the random people that come in them. One year, my mother in law even PRINTED our wedding photos in the appropriate size and brought them over but they are still in the box in the cupboard.

Because of my husband’s slight O.C.D. nothing in the house gets done without a laser level – which might also explain why DIY project take so long around here! In an effort to get him excited about hanging stuff early I’m gathering inspiration on gallery wall designs. Below are some of my favourite Pinterest picks (click on the images for sources) as well as helpful tips if you’re planning a gallery at home.

First, gather up all of your pictures, photographs and wall art. Then decide which wall you’re going to use. Hallways are great because they have long walls generally without windows or other breaks so you have a lot of space. PLUS they’re usually not very exciting so this is a great opportunity to give them some style. You can also use a gallery wall to highlight a piece of furniture like the couch, bed, desk or console.

When it comes to gallery walls, people usually fall into two categories – symmetrical or scattered. With his love for the laser level, I will let you guess which category my husband falls into. You will have to decide if you want your images to be in a perfect grid or straight line or if you prefer to mix sizes in a more organic layout.

You can also organize your gallery wall by colour or topic. For example, use all black and white photos or photos that have a similar theme like nature. The same applies to the frames. Keep it clean and modern with a simple black frame or mix and match for an eclectic vibe. You can also spray paint mismatched frames in one colour to make them fit together better.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the background wall paint colour. White walls are perfect for a gallery because they let the artwork shine. For a dramatic effect try moody shades like rich teal, navy or grey to create a cozy feel (think English library).

TIP: Before you actually take a hammer to the wall, start by making templates of all your artwork on heavy paper or cardboard. Use THOSE to plan out your gallery wall FIRST. Then when you are happy with the layout hang the frames on the wall. You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary holes and frustration.

For a clean modern feel arrange your gallery wall in a straight line or symmetrical grid using the same frames, content matter and colour scheme.

If you have artwork in different frames and varying sizes try a more freestyle approach like these designs.

You can also use a gallery wall to draw attention to a piece of furniture like a couch, desk or bed.

And don’t forget to get creative. Why not try a corner gallery wall like these?

Finally remember that gallery walls don’t have to contain only framed art and picture. Use anything you love and want to put on display!

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