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Creating A Mudroom In A Small Space

It’s been a rainy few days which means muddy shoes, wet umbrellas and rain jackets.  It’s easy to get disorganized when you don’t have a drop zone to keep your family’s belongings tidy.   Last year we were fortunate to do a small renovation in the front of the house and created a mudroom to keep our outdoor stuff (plus keys and bags) in one place.  It’s not big but it proved you don’t need a lot of space to stay mess-free.

Chances are you probably have a bit of wall space right next to your front door.  Here’s a great way to make use of it!   Attach pegs to a small board and you have an instant way to hand your jackets, bags and keys.  Don’t forget to put a small stool, chair or bench underneath so you have somewhere to sit while you put on or take off your shoes.

A chalkboard is super easy to make!  You can either paint the wall with Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint or for a less permanent solution cut a sheet of plywood to size and paint it instead.  Use to remind your family of any upcoming appointments, make a grocery list or write fun messages!  Since it’s right by the front door it will be hard to miss.

Finding furniture for a small mudroom can be hard and custom pieces are expensive.  Make your own hall tree by putting together two small bookcases, adding hooks for hanging and baskets for storage.  Paint them a fun colour or use Tempaper to decorate the back in a bold pattern.  PLUS it’s a great way to recycle furniture you might no longer be using elsewhere in the house.

You can also use crates for a similar looks.  Make your own or buy them pre-made and have fun decorating!

When we replaced our front door a couple of years ago we also blocked in the window that was right next to it.  For security, I was never a fan of having a window there but we did loose almost all natural light in our foyer.  Did you know there’s an easy trick of making small spaces brighter?  Use a large mirror to reflect light back into the room and it will seem instantly bigger and more cheerful.

Want to share your small space solutions?  Leave us a message in the comments below!  To see more of these beautiful rooms make sure to click on the images above to be redirected to their sources.

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