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Creating A Cozy Kitchen Nook

For the past week the weather has been noticeably cooler. I’m not taking out the sweaters quite yet but I am getting ready for an extra dose of cozy in the next few months. Speaking of cozy, one of my favourite cool weather rituals is a nice hot cup of tea on a Sunday morning and what better place to enjoy it than a stylish nook? Adding a small seating area to the kitchen or dining room is a great way to enjoy a weekday family meal or a weekend breakfast in your pajamas. Below are a few of my favourite spaces along with tips on adding a nook to you home. For references, click on the photos and you will directed to the original for more information.

Don’t think you have the space for a kitchen nook? A round table is the perfect solution. The footprint is small but you can fit up to four chairs so the entire family can sit down.

The prettiest spaces are rarely perfect. For visual interest, mix and match seating and design styles. Don’t be afraid to add a vintage piece or a rustic bench with more modern design elements.

Define the space with an accent colour, a fun rug, gallery wall or statement light fixture. Soft pillows, a large vase or pretty table ware in another great way to add a pop of colour.

Which one is your favourite? Leave me a comment below!

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