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Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2022

Every year in the Fall, Benjamin Moore reveals their color trends for the upcoming year. I have to be honest. I find colour (much like scent) very personal so I don’t take much stock in “trendy” shades. That being said, it is always interesting to see what people in the industry like.

For 2022, Benjamin Moore chose October Mist 1495 as their colour of the year. They describe it as a “gently shaded sage.” That’s pretty accurate. This earthy tone is warm – perfect for creating a relaxing space. With an LRV (Light Reflective Value) of 46.33 October Mist is on the darker side, which helps large rooms feel more intimate or gives smaller spaces a cozy feel. Pair October Mist with light woods like oak, maple or pine for an airy modern room or with richer woods like walnut or mahogany for a traditional space. For trim, try a warm white like Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 or a crisp shade like Chantilly Lace OC-65. For accent colours, pair with warm charcoal, deep aubergine, or autumn orange.

In addition to October Mist, the colour experts at Benjamin Moore have chosen thirteen complimentary shades. I was glad to see a few of my favourites on the list!

Let’s look at them in order starting with Steam AF-15. With a hint of grey, this off-white shade is soft but a touch of cream keeps it from feeling dingy. With an LRV of 85.91, it will work beautifully as an all-over interior colour where a bright white is too cold. Perfect for cottage or farmhouse spaces, it is also a great choice for kitchen cabinets where a bit of warmth is desired.

Next on the list is Benjamin Moore Morning Dew OC-140. This off white has a hint of grey/green – a perfect compliment to adjoining rooms painted in October Mist. This shade would look lovely in smaller rooms with less natural light.

Another green on the list is Benjamin Moore High Park. This mid tone green is perfect for a cozy reading nook, home office, or moody bedroom. Think English library. It’s very organic, very earthy, very warm. If painting the walls is too much colour try this shade on a cabinet or bookshelf.

From the Historical Collection comes the next green in the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2022 palette. Benjamin Moore Gloucester Sage is mossy with brown undertones so try it on interior trim for a unique twist on a historic colour scheme.

Moving away from the greens and into the yellow is Benjamin Moore Pale Moon. Confession – I don’t love yellow. Picking the right shade can be tricky. Often the cheerful shade you love on the swatch becomes overwhelming on a wall. Pale Moon is bright but still soft. It has the very slightest hint of grey so it will be pleasing even in rooms with a lot of natural light. Use this in the living room, dinning room or bedroom paired with crisp white woodwork and mid-tone woods.

Just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with colour. That’s why I love Benjamin Moore Hint Of Violet. It’s “purple” enough to use in kid spaces like nurseries and play rooms but muted enough that it feels grown up. This is a great colour to use in a guest bedroom paired with crisp white sheet and soft grey accessories.

Back to green! Fernwood Green has a lot of yellow so it’s punchy and bold. This shade would work very well in the dining room, sun room or any other space where you want to bring the outdoors in. Balance with deep charcoal or muted teals.

Quiet Moments. Really, who couldn’t use more of those lately? This shade is perfect for creating a calm and relaxing bedroom. It’s a light grey with a blue/green undertone and just as beautifully with silver as with brass and gold. Compliment with soft creams (like Steam!) on woodwork, trim and accessories. TIP: It’s also stunning on a bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinets.

I LOVE dark moody colours – even in small spaces. That’s why I was thrilled to see Benjamin Moore Mysterious on the list. It is a deep, rich navy with a healthy dose of grey. In dark rooms it will look almost black. In the daylight you can really appreciate the inky-blue undertone. This colour is stunning on kitchen cabinets, as an accent wall in the living room, or all over in a small space like a bathroom for drama.

If you like your walls on the neutral side you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore Collector’s Item. This very light beige has the slightest grey undertone so it doesn’t feel dated but still maintains its brightness. Use it all-over then add an accent wall, layer bold accessories, fun prints or accent furniture for a balanced space.

For larger rooms with more light, try Benjamin Moore Natural Linen. With a slight blush, this shade pairs well with warm woods like cherry and mahogany for a put together, traditional space.

Benjamin Moore Venetian Portico has a lovely earthy quality. This mid-tone neutral also has a blush undertone giving spaces an old world European feel.

Finally, Benjamin Moore Wild Flower. It’s pink but leans more towards an earthy red. This shades would look stunning in the dining room or even in the bathroom as you can see from the photo below!

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