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Adding A Farmhouse Feel To Your Kitchen

My mother grew up on a farm in the Polish countryside.  It wasn’t one of those “farms” you see on an episode of Fixer Upper.  Running water wasn’t installed indoors until the 1980’s and I still remember the smell of straw filled mattresses when we got the spend the night at my grandparent’s house.   It’s that homey nostalgia, I think, that fuels the popularity of today’s farmhouse decor movement.  In our increasingly busy lives filled with technology we’re longing for the smell of home cooked meals, fresh cut hay and bonfires in the backyard.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to give up my running water and air conditioning but there are a lot of easy ways to make our homes cozy without sacrificing creature comforts or spending a fortune!  Below are a few of my favourite ways to bring the farm into our modern lives so scroll through and leave us a comment below.

Let’s focus on the kitchen.  After all it’s one of our favourite gathering places.  Decorate with stuff you already have by digging out those wooden cutting boards, plates you no longer use and other forgotten kitchen utensils.  Give them a clean and hang them on the wall instead of art!

Show off all your pretty dinnerware by removing a couple cabinet doors.  It’s a great way to make a small space feel bigger.  Just remember to keep it tidy!  You can hang inexpensive pine shelves stained  in warm mahogany to give them a rich look (see how we used in on our DIY coffee table by clicking HERE).

Add a chalkboard!  Sure it’s easy to keep in touch with family members electronically but it’s not nearly as much fun!  Paint a cabinet door, a section of the wall, even the front of your old fridge!  TIP:  Our Benjamin Moore Chalkboard paint is easy to use and we can make it in almost any colour.

Bring nature indoors.   Plant some herbs on the window sill or use glass jars and bottles instead of vases.  It will be a beautiful pop of colour all year long.

Keep the colour scheme warm.  Use warm greys or soft greens on the walls and creamy whites on woodwork and cabinets.  For hardware try aged gold or brass.  TIP:  Did you know that traditional oil based paints (which were widely used in the past on interior woodwork) turn yellow over time? That’s why if you want to keep that farmhouse feel try Benjamin Moore Simply White or Timid White instead of crisp white.  But remember to skip those smelly oil based paints and use a waterbased enamel instead for easy clean up and quick dry time with no toxic fumes.

Have a little more room in your budget?  Replace old countertops with warm butcher block.  Or for a more budget friendly option start with the kitchen island.  It will warm up your entire space and turn it into everyone favourite gathering spot.

Finally, skip those artificial candles and air fresheners.  Now that it’s getting cooler make your own home fragrance on the stove.  Here is one of our favourite recipes sure to make your home smell delicious for Fall.

Need a little help picking the right paint color for your space? See how my virtual color consulting service can help. Click here to learn more.

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