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A Few Of My Favourite Kitchen Designs (and why I love them)

Last year we started saving up for our dream kitchen.  We gave ourselves a goal of 2020 so it looks like for the next two years I’ll be scouring Pinterest to get inspired for our perfect space.  It feels like I’ve looked at THOUSANDS of kitchens but with every one I’ve fine tuned what our wants and needs.

If you’re planning your own dream kitchen or just looking for ideas on updating your current space, below are some of my favourite spaces (so you don’t have to sort through thousands like I did).  For sources make sure to click on the images to be redirected and don’t forget you can always ask me a question in the comments.

There is no question that our kitchen cabinets will be navy.  I love the way our laundry room turned out (you can see a quick tour here) and we will try to source the same countertop to keep the spaces flowing.  We used Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue which will give you a very similar to this kitchen.

Planning on updating your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint? Don’t forget the hardware!  I love how this cool navy pairs with warm gold pulls, fixtures and lighting.

Currently in our kitchen we have a rug.  It’s not an outdoor rug but a regular wool one in a traditional oriental print.   I know it’s not practical since the kitchen can be full spills and drips but I love how soft it is underfoot and the pop it adds to the floor.  A runner is a great way to add colour to the kitchen and if you’re worried about keeping it clean try an outdoor variety in a fun pattern.  I love how this orange stands out agains two-tone teal and white cabinets!

Currently our kitchen has three walls of floor to ceiling cabinets.  That’s great if you’re looking for a lot of storage space but most of ours are empty (or have a few old Christmas ornaments) and make the room feel smaller. Our new kitchen will have only lower cabinets on one wall and a few open shelves to make it look bigger.  Plus, it’s a great way to show off all those pretty plates and glasses that would otherwise be locked away behind closed doors.

I am very fortunate that my husband lets me make most of the design choices but he really wants an island in our new kitchen.  It’s not a very big space so we will have to work on the logistics but I am determined to make it fit.  Think of the island in your kitchen as an accent wall and have fun with the colour.  It can make a beautiful statement!

Tiling the backsplash?  You don’t have to spend a fortune on materials for a stunning design.  Use inexpensive and easy to get white subway tile but lay it in a herringbone pattern to make it feel fancy.  Skip the white grout and make it pop with grey instead.

Okay, I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to use a colour this bold on the ceiling but it’s it beautiful?  We often forget that ceilings don’t have to be white and this is a great way to have fun with your design.  Would you be brave enough to try at home?

I know our cabinets are going to be navy blue but what about the walls?  Surprise – they’re going to be grey. Don’t tell my husband though because the laundry, hallway, and living room are grey already and I think he doesn’t share my passion for the shade.  Seriously though, how clean and crisp does this kitchen look?  Fresh flowers, fruit and bright artwork are the key to keeping it from feeling gloomy.  What are my favourite shades?  I currently have a crush on Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, Whitestone and Paper White.  Try a matte finish which is not shiny (it reduces glare and makes imperfect walls look smoother) but still washable.

Not only do I not want a lot of kitchen cabinets I also hate clutter on the counter.  On my wish list is a magnetic knife rack mounted to the wall so that my cutlery is accessible but out of the way.

Speaking of wall storage!  I can’t help but share this clever idea I came across on Pinterest.  If you’re short on cabinet space and want more storage quickly without spending a fortune why not put up a peg board!

What are your dream kitchen must haves?  Leave me a comment below!

For tips on how to update your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint check out our previous post here.

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