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5 Ways To Show Your Hallway Some Love

Let’s face it – some rooms are more fun to decorate than others.  For example there’s a lot you can do with the living room but the hallway – not so much.  Well, if you’re thinking of taking the easy way out and painting the hallway walls white (or another neutral shade) here are four ways you can make it a design feature instead of an afterthought.

The hallway may not be very exciting but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve love.  Skip the “safe” paint colours and instead pick a bold shade that’s sure to make a statement.  Not convinced?  Check out these beautiful designs below.

Over time we’ve been dressing up our walls at home with crown molding and a couple of years ago we put up wainscoting to make our hallway pretty too!  It’s a great way to add architectural detail to an otherwise unexciting space.

Show off your stuff!  The flat long walls of the hallway are the perfect place to organize a gallery wall where you can hang your favourite family photos or artwork.  Experiment with the layout and colour of the frames. TIP:  Before you start hammering nails into the wall plan your gallery wall out with cardboard cut-outs first.

Add a piece of furniture!  If you have the space add a cozy chair, a small table or a cabinet.  It will make it feel more like a room and less like an afterthought.

Inspired yet?  Don’t forget to click on any of the images above to learn more about the beautiful spaces and their designers.

Need a little help picking the right paint color for your space? See how my virtual color consulting service can help. Click here to learn more.

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