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5 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

Looking at all the beautiful spaces on Pinterest and amazing makeovers on HGTV it’s easy to get jealous of the large open rooms.  In reality, most rooms in our homes (especially in older ones) tend to be much smaller and making them larger isn’t as easy as taking down some drywall and studs.   After all, our stone walls need a jackhammer and who want to go through that mess!?  Luckily there are a few easy design tricks you can use to make your existing spaces feel much larger without expensive and time consuming renovations.

CUT DOWN ON CLUTTER:  Tidying up won’t cost you a thing other than some time.  Who knows – you might even make a little money by selling items you no longer use!  Getting rid of clutter is one of top ways to make any room feel larger.  Clean up the kitchen counters by putting away small appliances that are not regularly in use (how often do you really use that ice cream maker?), store measuring cups and bowls away in the cupboards, and arrange oils or spices neatly in the cabinet.

Same goes for the bathroom.  Sure, we all need extra toilet paper but store it in a pretty bin or basket to keep it out of sight.  Same goes for that collection of lotions, hair brushes, and make-up.  Speaking of make-up, take the opportunity to check expiration dates and get rid of anything that might be past its due date.  No sense hanging on that dried up nail polish bottle!

USE A LARGE MIRROR:  If your space is short on natural light make some more by using a large mirror!  Position it opposite a window or light source and it will reflect light back into the room making it feel brighter and larger.  In the bedroom you can place mirrors behind nightstand lamps to serve the same purpose.

WALL COLOUR:  It’s amazing how the right wall colour can transform a room.  If you want to make a space feel larger use cool colours like soft blue/greys.  Shades of blue visually recede, making the walls seem like they are farther away which in turn creates the illusion of a larger space.  A couple of my favourites are Benjamin Moore Constellation,  Benjamin Moore Sea Foam and Benjamin Moore Ocean Air – still bright and airy but also soft and grown-up.

And let’s not forget about white walls!  Use the same colour like Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White (it has the slightest hint of cool grey) on the walls and ceilings for a crisp, clean look.

For the perfect neutral try Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl or White Dove.  They are both just enough colour to make white woodwork and trim stand out.

GO BIG: It might seem strange but filling a small space with large items can actually make it feel bigger!  Skip a collection of small furniture and choose one large couch instead.  Not only will your family be more comfortable, the room will seem larger because it’s less cluttered.

Skip those postage sized rugs too!  They will break up the floor and make a room feel smaller.  Instead, invest in a large rug that will cover most of the floor and define the space.

In the bedroom, a larger headboard will not only make a statement, it will fill up the wall making the room feel bigger.

KEEP IT SIMPLE:  Not only will a simple, neutral colour scheme help make a room feel larger, the lack of sharp contrast will also make a it feel more relaxing – just like your favourite spa.  Minimize the variety of colours in a space and skip bold prints in large patterns. Instead,  choose curtains, rugs, bedding, towels and other fabrics in solid colours and natural textures like linen.

Need a little help picking the right paint color for your space? See how my virtual color consulting service can help. Click here to learn more.

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